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Barbara Mori Ochoa (born February 2, 1978 ) is a Mexican actress and model. Actress-model Barbara Mori Ochoa was born on the 2nd of February 1978. She has two siblings; actress Kenya Mori and Kintaro Mori. At the age of 3, her parents divorced and she later moved to Mexico. n 1998, Barbara Mori got her first leading role as Azul in the series Azul Tequila, co-starring with Mauricio Ochmann. In 2005 she obtained the starring role in the blockbuster film La mujer de mi hermano as Zoe. She is currently dating actor and fashion designer Jose Maria de la Torre.

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Barbara Mori / Celebrities Female
Added 2006-11-18 by servus
Barbara Mori / Celebrities Female
Added 2006-07-02 by Glitter

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