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Carrie was born on December 12, 1969, in Mission Hills, Kansas and graduated from Canyon Country High School in 1988. She and her sister were photogenic at an early age with Carrie starting to professionally model in her teens. She sent in some test photos to Playboy in late 1992. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in September, 1993 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. Carrie landed a few small parts in B-movies like Lover's Leap, as well as appearing in a few TV shows. As of 2008, she has, for the most part, drifted away from the industry.

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Carrie Westcott / Celebrities Female
Added 2008-09-07 by Glitter
Carrie Westcott / Celebrities Female
Added 2008-09-07 by Glitter

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