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Best online casinos for High Rollers 2020

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High rollers are players who play with high stakes and risks. For this reason, they place particularly high demands on the online casinos they use.

These players enjoy extremely attractive bonus offers in the corresponding high roller casinos so that they can test the gaming platform in detail and then play there with real bets. Online casinos that have corresponding VIP programs or extra gaming tables for high rollers are also particularly popular with them.

Are you one of the gamblers who play with maximum stakes and high risk? will tell you which are the best high roller offers and in which online casinos your requirements are particularly well met.

Recommended high roller casinos

Would you like to risk more and need a reputable online casino in which you can really invest money? Then there are the best high roller casinos for you. Mega bonuses, fat extras and superlative customer service, let's go!

High roller definition

You will surely wonder what exactly a high roller is. The name comes from English and means "high" for high and "to roll" for implement.

By definition, someone who plays for very high sales in an online casino and of course has the appropriate budget to make the deposits. The aim of the high roller is not to pass the time and occasionally gamble with small bets, but to achieve maximum profit with a high risk.

And that is rewarded both in the large casinos and in high roller casinos. There are special offers for special players, because the online casinos strive to keep high rollers.

If you are one of them, you can count on a true pampering program. This differs in many ways from the offers made to normal players. Best high roller casinos have come up with a lot to make their most valuable customers' stay as pleasant as possible.

The High Roller Casino Bonus

Many casinos give their high roller players special online casino bonuses that other regular players are not granted. The biggest difference is that the high roller casino bonus is usually more generous and that makes sense, of course, since a high roller also regularly uses huge amounts of money when playing and are very valuable customers for online casinos.

As a casino you have to be able to offer something, of course, because the competition is fierce and if the players are not satisfied, they may go to another casino with better conditions and offers.

High roller casino bonuses usually encourage players to play with large sums of money, so they are primarily aimed at their high rollers, because they know that they like to risk more and often also directly target the jackpot.

The minimum bet to receive such a bonus can therefore be quite high, but as a high roller it is definitely worth it. As with any other casino bonus, we also recommend that you always carefully read the bonus terms and conditions for the high roller bonus.

How do I become a high roller?

It is important that you find a high roller casino that appropriately rewards your high stakes and deposits with bonus offers and VIP programs. Online casinos like LeoVegas, Mr Green, Genesis or others already tested by us are available for this, which you can choose at Casinoid.

Inform yourself well about the conditions of your chosen casino and note that some online casinos only give you your status as a high roller after a personal invitation.

If you have the financial options, monthly deposits of at least € 1,000 to € 2,000 are a good start so that you can reach the highest VIP levels and be considered a high roller. Nevertheless, you should always play responsibly and keep an eye on your budget.

So that you have chances of winning the highest winnings, you use maximum amounts as a high roller and should preferably choose slot machines with high volatility. The greater the deviation from the distribution of the profit distribution (volatility), the higher your chances of winning - but also your risk.

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