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A rested favourite on the road

Hockey leagues are renowned for their high number of games played, especially in the KHL and NHL. Even the favourites of the tournaments, unable to keep up with their busy schedules, occasionally slump and fall through several games in a row. But sometimes there is a brief pause in the championship, allowing players to rest psychologically and mentally. And when a well-rested favourite plays away against a run-of-the-mill midfielder or underdog, the odds of a convincing win for the favourite are high and the odds are good.
The odds of a well-rested favourite playing away against an average midfielder or underdog are high and the odds are not insignificant.
A well-rested favourite

In such cases, bet on a negative handicap or individual 'total over' for the favourite.


A back-to-back is when a team plays two matches on two consecutive days.

On these days the hockey players are under a lot of pressure, especially in the second game. Therefore it is better to play against a back-to-back team under the following conditions:

- Both games are away
- in the first game you had a tough opponent, which was very demanding
- in the second game you had a tough opponent, who was rested for 1-2 days

The screen above shows how Toronto won both back-to-back games, so choose your matches carefully. But there is no denying the fact that teams on the back-to-back get fewer points on average than they do on the season as a whole. Since is betwinner legal in india players actively use the site, betting not just for money.

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