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Services and equipment? I think I prefer trusting Microsoft than Google

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 Observing the behavior of Google or, rather, the slowness in relation to some products and services, it is difficult for me to believe that something is changing in this company. The upcoming Pixelbook Go laptop and Task List service show how much they lack consistency and determination.

 April 2018 Google introduces a new task list service to help users manage ... tasks and responsibilities. The task list starts with a bang because it goes on iOS and Android, and on the desktop you can use it, among other things, in Gmail and Google Calendar. The integration with this second service is even closer, so initially - as a user of mail and calendar from Google - I was really excited about the debut of the task list.

 Microsoft To Do> Google Task List
 Before that, I used Wunderlist to replace Microsoft To Do, but the first service was shutting down, and the second did not grow as fast as I expected. For a very short period, I used task lists to bring it back to Microsoft. I do not regret it, because the last months are a big step forward in servicing the company from Redmond, while the Google Task List has stopped.

 Today I go to Gmail and Google Calendar, click on the task list icon, and I am greeted by a familiar look. However, at the bottom of the screen I see a notification that I can add time to the task to appear on the calendar. Also, at first glance, Google did nothing with its new service. I still need to open Gmail or Calendar on my computer in order to use it, and there are many complaints about mobile applications - just look at the Google Play and the App Store to see that this service is almost abandoned.

 And I can't help but feel that some Google devices have a similar fate. I'm not talking about home speakers or Pixel smartphones, because the company cares about it as often as possible in the world. But the Chrome OS platform and the latest flagship devices, such as the Pixelbook or the upcoming Google Pixelbook Go, seem like pure experimentation.

 Although I try to keep abreast of all this, I can’t say at what stage the process of implementing support for Android applications in Chrome OS is (I remember that my HP Chromebook was at the bottom of the list and after several months of waiting after I just put it’s on the shelf.) Obviously, most Chrome OS laptops already have them, but does it matter, since the Chromebook is still a curiosity and gadget for most countries, including Poland?

 Go Surface> Pixelbook (Go)
 And here is the premiere of Pixelbook Go, which, thanks to 9to5Google, is no longer a secret. Inside are: 13.3-inch 4K screen, Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. We do not know the price of a computer, but we can safely assume that it will not become a laptop for the masses.

 In terms of price, this is also not a Surface Go (review), which can be easily blamed for several things, but having both mini-computers to choose from, I would point to a Microsoft product because of the greater versatility of the device in terms of organizing the work environment and entertainment. In addition, it is not known when and when any remarkable Chrome OS update will appear and whether Google will again change the course of the entire project, which should not coincide with my needs and expectations.

 Microsoft and Google compete at many levels, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin are unparalleled in the search engine category, and Microsoft has ceased to exist in the mobile platform sector. However, the above examples show that in the category of devices (laptops) and services (although not always), Microsoft boasts better determination and perseverance, which makes it more reliable from the consumer point of view. " In our chat you can meet girls, invite them to a private room and chat watch live cam porn collected private records with a rating of 18+, often among them there are online broadcasts of private chats, where the girls communicate with the audience. Try to chat live with one of the many available girls online. You will get unforgettable moments of acquaintance and pleasant conversation.

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