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Competitive Strategic Marketing

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Description of the company with international activities

At all stages of its development, the strategic focus of marketing activities was a fundamental component of the entire enterprise. The complexity of the business environment led to the division of marketing practice into two broad categories: strategic marketing (analysis of the needs of individuals and organizations) and operational marketing (tactical means of achieving goals, “commercial unit of the enterprise”).

To achieve its goals, strategic marketing uses a wealth of tools, consisting, on the one hand, of "traditional" methods and techniques (procedures are used in other economic areas, especially in strategic management), such as:

SWOT analysis to establish the relationship between the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise and the elements of attractiveness or hostility of the external environment;
Analysis of a business portfolio using various processes, the most famous of which are: BCG portfolio model (matrix); Matrix General Electric-McKinsey, Arthur D. Small matrix for assessing the competitive position of a business, etc .;

On the other hand, strategic marketing uses a number of specific methods, the most important of which are considered the following:

Analysis of consumer needs and behavior (using various segmentation methods);
Analysis of the attractiveness of the reference market (in particular, analyzes performed on the product life cycle), analysis of strategic niches (GAP analysis);
Analysis of the competitiveness of the enterprise;
Models of strategic decisions regarding the components of the marketing mix.
In order to properly apply the principles of strategic marketing at the enterprise level, its organizational structure must go beyond the traditional functional framework and acquire a strategic orientation to the market and consumers, with a significant role being played by the marketing director, who should replace the well-known centered organizational schemes. around functions, products or geographical spaces with other organizational conditions that put the customer in the foreground and satisfy his needs. From this point of view, the development of relational structures that are part of a new concept of relationship marketing is noted.

Marketing strategy, as the ultimate goal of strategic marketing of EURers, namely the mapping of the path that must be achieved in order to achieve certain goals, must meet extremely complex modern requirements, such as:

Very fast changes in the business environment;
Increased competition at the national and international levels in connection with the phenomena of economic integration and association;
Compliance with marketing ethics (the practice of responsible marketing, taking into account such concepts as ecology, consumer protection, local specifics, etc.);
All these elements lead us to conclude that strategic marketing contributes to the theoretical and practical improvement of this area, also representing the factor of economic Euroocracy, because:

Provides useful information and real satisfaction for buyers;
He orientates investments in accordance with current needs;
It takes into account the needs for their diversity through a segmentation process;
Stimulates innovation and initiative.
Therefore, strategic marketing, the concept of which is increasingly used in specialized literature and in the practice of large companies, is a logical continuation of this process of marketing evolution. In general, in the specialized literature more attention is paid to the components of strategic marketing, rather than attempts to define this concept itself. Thus, strategic marketing is defined as “STP” marketing, given the importance of segmentation, target market selection and positioning as part of marketing activities. Other authors insist on the importance of marketing on the driving mechanism, the definition of strategic marketing as a process of strategic analysis and decisions that management must make in any organization to meet the needs of consumers. Finally, another category of definitions is based on the existence of strategic and operational processes in marketing planning.

The stage of strategic marketing is the phase of a systematic and continuous analysis of market needs, where concepts of high-performance products or services are developed that provide high-quality differentiation in relation to customers and are aimed at different categories of consumers, providing long-term competitive advantages. in conditions of increasing their well-being and society as a whole. Ever wondered to see the Hooters hot chick naked? You have a great chance to do it! Ava Addams exposes her goods! She has a great smile and a pair of amazing big hooters. Enjoy awesome photos and videos with her!

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