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SkillOnNet Launches New Responsible Gaming Tool

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SkillOnNet Launches New Responsible Gaming Tool

SkillOnNet Launches New Responsible Gaming Tool SkillOnNet provides a platform for online casino And for their operators, they launched a new Responsible Gaming tool, Mentor. It was developed in collaboration with Neccton. The developers relied on the experience and advice of behavioral science experts and psychologists. Mentor will monitor the punter's data, and based on it, identify signs of uncontrolled play %s... If there are manifestations of addiction, then the punter is offered information that will help him protect himself from the harm caused by gambling addiction. The system is based on artificial intelligence and implies the ability of machines to learn. Scientists and psychologists made a great contribution to the development. Those who are identified as potentially addicted by the system will receive messages based on a method known in psychology as"motivational interviews." It is not specific to gambling, but is used in various issues. Motivational interviews are useful in cases where a person is concerned about his own actions, but does not dare to change something. One of the principles on which this method is built is the fact that a person can both want and not want to change. And he needs help to show the side of him that wants change %s..nzd casinos. Instead of convincing a person that he needs to change, the psychologist motivates the client to express his readiness for change and himself to suggest possible ways to solve the problem. This is a rather delicate work and there should be an individual approach to each case. Let's see how artificial intelligence will cope with this difficult task. On this subject, the British billionaire owes £ 1 million for spread betting The director of Neccton noted that academic research is an important part of their efforts to combat the negative effects of gambling. Launching the Mentor function is not the end of the solution, he said. They will continue to improve its effectiveness as new facts emerge.

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