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The Weirdest Gambling Laws Around the Globe

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All over the world, the gambling business has to overcome the difficulties associated with legal restrictions. Sometimes these prohibitions reach the point of outright nonsense. Nevertheless, despite their frank absurdity, they work. In the case, you want to know more about gambling and be updated, follow the GamblerKey information resource.


On the continent, preference is given to the traditional gaming entertainment of Europe, with the most popular bets on the English Premier League. The objects of these rates are unconventional here. A certain Henry Dhabasani from Uganda bet his car and wife on Arsenal's victory over Manchester United. It is quite possible to bet on your wives, children, and other relatives in the country since the rights and obligations of spouses are governed by African customary law of ethnic groups.

The UK

UK laws officially prohibit gambling. But they have many exceptions. For example, gambling is allowed for members of private clubs. If earlier the application for membership in such an elite club as The Clermont Club in London was considered for years, now it is issued in several minutes. To gamble at prohibited slots in London, you need to buy a membership card at the casino entrance. Its validity period is 24 hours.


In September 2002, the country passed a law banning video games in Internet cafes. On December 8, 2003, it was revised to include a ban on all digital games. As a result, even PlayStation and online chess were banned. In this way, the local government tried to combat the spread of gambling.

At the same time, the local public organization of football prediction (OPAP) owns the only bookmaker license in the country, issued until 2030. On the website, you can see an assortment of different games on the web. But attempts to obtain a license from William Hill, Sportingbet, and other well-known bookmaker companies have not been successful.


By law, you cannot get money here from playing the odds. Therefore, you cannot simply get a win for a bet on horse racing in this country. First, you have to solve a math problem to prove that you won thanks to the skill, not luck. Therefore, the organizers of the bets offer the winners to remember the school arithmetic. Let's say solve an example: 90x2:6x12.


In Iowa, Act 99B.12 permits home poker games and sports betting. But, according to subparagraph G, you cannot win or lose more than $ 50 in 24 hours. In Maine, the amount that can be legally won is no more than $ 3.

In the state of New Jersey, you can independently block yourself from online gambling for a period of one to five years. It is not difficult to fix a blocking violation since all users in the offices undergo identity verification. The curiosity is that in case of violation, all the winnings will have to be paid to the state budget in the form of a fine.

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