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Councils for the organization of family coziness

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In recent years, seed couples, especially those who have children, are striving to move from close city apartments to their own homes, located near the city. Country and cottage villages - today is a very common phenomenon. After all, it is actually very convenient. The family can live a few minutes drive from the city, in its own cozy house, where everyone has their own room, as well as a fireplace in a common living room, where in the evenings after dinner is going to the whole family. To the city to go close, parents can get to work in normal mode, but the children are in nature the present expanse. You can make them walk with a calm soul, because cottage villages are usually guarded.
However, so that the country house is truly comfortable and cozy so that you want to return there every day, you need to make a lot of effort. Especially if you do not buy a ready-made house, but build it yourself, you can not miss a number of nuances, otherwise the house will not justify your hopes. The most important thing is that it is impossible to forget - this is the heating of a country house. If the heating system will work inefficient, about heat and comfort in the house you can forget once and for all. The maximum that you can count is to rest in the house in the summer, in the spring and autumn, and especially in winter, it will be impossible to live in it. The Russian climate is very stern, so not only the quality heat insulation of the premises is necessary, but also an effective heating system. Only then will you be comfortable and cozy in your home.
There are several heating systems, it is clear that each of them has both advantages and disadvantages, and nothing can be done here. The only thing that is worth saying what kind of heating system you did not have chosen, its installation is better to entrust professionals, as you can do it yourself, you can hardly succeed. Heating is a complicated thing, so let it be done by it those who understand all the nuances of the installation process.
So, let's start with electrical heating. The minus of the system is that its content is required, it is the safest of all existing at the moment. There is also a heating system that works on gas fuel. However, there is a small difficulty with its holding - for this you need to get a special permission. You can also dump the house with diesel fuel. Usually this system is laid back during the construction of the house, since it requires a digging and gasket of the pipeline for its organization. There is also a simpler way - modern infrared heating. Infrared heaters can serve as a main heating system and auxiliary to any other system. Devices are safe and easy to handle. Usually they are placed on the walls or ceiling, so that they do not occupy places in the house. Heaters create a favorable atmosphere in the house and do not require care. Римминг

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