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Walkthrough Tips for Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.Out for Launch

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Out for Launch

Level Description

At the beginning of this level, you will receive a mask that changes the laws of physics.Thanks to it, you can adjust gravity and stand on the ceiling.

Constantly check for interesting items and areas at this stage.Sometimes you need to change gravity to get to some of the chests.

As you move forward, you will encounter small opponents that pose little threat.They just move in a fixed pattern.Just hit them to get rid of them.But you can just keep going All videos can be watched site Scatnude.

Your next task will be to bypass the lasers.Just jump over them to prevent Crash from fried.

You will now come across bouncing boxes.If you get hit, you lose your life.

At the top of the building, you will jump over walls.Remember to avoid unnecessary movement.Your only task is to bounce off the platforms.Your character shouldn't fall if he doesn't hit something.

To defeat an electrocuted opponent, simply jump in their direction and perform an attack.

Quick reminder.If you want to destroy the boxes ahead, you must hit them a few minutes before.If you get too close to them, you will fall and die.

Moments later, you will be faced with a short sequence that will require you to master the mask well.You must move between platforms without colliding with lasers.

To get to the next part of the location, ride on a metal pole.You will be taken to a new area.

Another wall jump.Don't forget that you need to double jump, otherwise you will go straight into the lasers.

Another sequence of pole riding.All you have to do is avoid the crates exploding - you can easily reach the other side.

It's almost over.All you have to do is go through more lasers - the area will become more accessible thanks to your mask.Avoid opponents, as they can take your life.

Finally, jump onto the pipe to get to the other side.You have just completed Ready to Launch.

Hidden gem

A hidden gem can be found behind a large pipe on the left side of the screen, right in front of the jumping platforms.

This is almost the end of the road, you just need to jump up and run to the edge.

When you return to Crash, you will have to run away from the dinosaur again.You already know this route.Complete the map and enjoy another victory.

Hidden gem

A hidden gem awaits you at the start of the map.Before jumping on the dinosaur, turn right and jump over branches that you can't see at first glance.

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