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Metal Gear Solid V Walkthrough Tips - Mission 16: Secondary Objectives

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Find APCs in the convoy

This is hard to miss unless you only focused on hijacking the truck, and you did it early in the mission.Otherwise, sooner or later, you cross the convoy - it starts its route at Outpost 18, arrives at Nova Braga Airport and finally leaves for Camp Kiziba.No matter where you run into the convoy, use your binoculars to find the APCs.

Note.Upon receipt of Intel data (one of the side tasks described on the next page), the convoy route is displayed on your map.This should make it easier to find it.

Eliminate the skull

Attack zombies using the best rocket launcher you have

You must complete this task on repeat mission.It's imperative to take the best rocket launcher you have with you and see if your R&D team can come up with something better.The skulls appear on the map automatically after you get close to the truck, which is your main target (it is originally parked at the Nova Braga airport).After the zombies enter the battle, attack them with a rocket launcher.At the same time, try to stay in constant motion to avoid their powerful attacks (especially short ones).When fighting the Skull, make sure you don't destroy the truck, because you will fail the mission this way.

Note.If you've already invested enough in upgrading the D-Walker, you can take it along on this mission as a buddy.Using the D-Walker should make it much easier to defeat the Skull.

Extract Truck Driver

You can identify the driver while he is still at the airport.

Extracting the driver is more difficult than it might seem.He can easily die, and what complicates things is the arrival of the Skulls after you get close to the truck.It is best to restrain the driver while he is still at the airport.You have to do this from a greater distance, so use a good pistol or sniper rifle with sleeping rounds.When the driver is not working, reach him as quickly as possible and pick him up.Don't worry if zombies arrive during this time, because you should be able to dispatch the driver before he dies and before the weather conditions make it impossible.

Find Intel data with convoy route information

Immediately after starting the mission (again) head towards Outpost 14 located in the immediate vicinity of the landing zone.After you get there, you can destroy several enemies here or sneak up on the tent immediately.Inside the tent, you will find the Intel file.

Note.Thanks to the file you received, the convoy route will be marked on your map.The game, however, does not provide you with information about the current location of the convoy.Since the convoy starts moving immediately after the start of the mission, it can be assumed that it has already reached the Nova Braga airport, and therefore you should go there. home

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