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4.6L V8 Sedan (Police)

Price: available immediately

6.0L V12 Coupe

Price: $ 160,000, in the auto show in the 19th district

Acceleration: 2.9

Maximum speed: 3.1

Handling: 3,2

6.3L V8 Coupe

Price: $ 34000, in the exhibition hall in 34 districts

Acceleration: 2,4.
7.2L SC V8 Coupe

Price: $ 18,000, at the auto show in the 9th district, 10th on the street. In the 24th street, at the intersection with the 10th Avenue (Salon North), in the 32nd district.

Acceleration: 2.6.

Maximum speed: 2.5

Handling: 1.5

5.0L V10 Coupe

Price: 135 000, can be purchased at the auto show in the 5th district

Acceleration: 3.6

Maximum speed: 3.5

Handling: 3.8.

5.4L SC V8 Coupe (Police)

Price: 25 000, the degree of police is needed 2

Acceleration: 3.4.

Maximum speed: 3.6

Handling: 3.8.

6.0L V8 Coupe (Police)

Price: $ 15000, you need a police degree 4

Acceleration: 2.5

Notes to this category:

These sports strollers are designed (at least in my case) for illegal car racing. If you decide to become a good policeman, you avoid accumulating bad police glasses and quickly increases the police hierarchy, I recommend you racing policemen, respectively (6.0L V8 Coupe) and the second (5.4L SC V8 Coupe) of the police level. They have very attractive prices, excellent performance, and you can participate in them without problems. However, when you mow such gangsters like Boryna, fresh grain, and it is easier for you to get money than Promotion in other "civilian" shop windows, I offer 3.5L V6 Coupe. And when you have a really thick wallet in the game, of course, pay attention to 5.0L V10 Coupe and 6.0L V12 Coupe. - The first is better in all respects and cheaper on the entire 25 "tiles" than the second. Of course, you can pursue criminals on these machines, but I was just a sorry to hit the carts with such good tricks. If you want your trolley to look even more attractive in an illegal race, do street modernization in one of the garages of New York.

3.2L V6 Coupe

Price: $ 89,000, can be purchased at Midtown N. Precinct (county)

3.5L V6 Coupe

Price: $ 34000, you can buy at Midtown S. Precinct (county)

Acceleration: 2,2

Maximum speed: 3.2

Handling: 3.

4.6L V8 Coupe

Price: $ 76,000, available at the auto show in the 26th district.

Acceleration: 1.9

Maximum speed: 2.6

Handling: 2.7

4.7L V8 Coupe

Price: $ 15 200, you can purchase at the 24th district at the car dealership

Acceleration: 2.1.

Maximum speed: 2.4

Handling: 2.5

As in the case of a pistol of the same caliber, the shot into the limb often causes a quick and probably painful ammputation. So do not shoot yourself; -P ... This rifle can work when you need to stop the gangster machine that goes right on you, and you are standing in the middle of the street like John Wayne, in one of your Westerns. There are many sites on the Internet, but provides inexperienced players with the most detailed casino FAQ

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