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Вина Валенсии

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We invite you on an exciting journey through the world of Valencia wines.It is common knowledge that Valencia is famous primarily for its carnivals, resorts and unique cuisine.Only true connoisseurs understand that this Spanish province is also one of the largest wine producers and exporters in the world.The history of winemaking here goes back more than one thousand years.Nowadays, more than 40 million bottles of this magnificent wine are sold all over the world.

This Spanish resort attracts gourmets with its pantry of wines, in the coolness of which you can appreciate the richness and sophistication of the bouquet of the excellent wines of Valencia.After relaxing on the gentle beaches, you will surely be delighted with the refreshing taste of the magnificent creations of local winemakers.

Valencia wines seduce fans not only with their taste, which simply cannot be described in words, but also with their unique aroma.They contain everything that Spain is so rich in.The mildness of the climate is intertwined with the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea breeze.The wine bouquet is very extensive and includes an elegant sound of southern spices, unobtrusive tones of smoke and a refreshing taste of juniper.These compositions will surround you with a unique aura of floral and fruity aromas.

The wines are produced here only from the finest grape varieties, which have absorbed the whole atmosphere of the southern resort.These are varieties such as Monastrell, Bobal, Garnacha and Merseguer.But, without a doubt, the leader is Muscatel de Alejandria, known for its quality for over two centuries.Popularity has not spared such varieties as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.They are exclusive in their purplish reds.

Valencia winemakers have a strict classification.Consider some of its points

Vino de Mesa - made from a mixture of grape varieties.These are table wines that have not passed the strict selection in the vintage section.In France, they are held as Vin de table.The best brands are Arras de Bobal 2002 and Alvarez Nolting 2003 vintage.

Vina de la Terra - produced, as the name suggests, in a specific province of Spain.The flavors of local wines are superior to table wines and the French define them as Vin de pays.On the bottle, you will definitely find all the information about this winemaker's product.Finca Terrarazo along with Quincha Corall of 2003 vintage are recognized as the most prominent representatives of red wines.

The next type Denominacion de Origien is the standard of quality and the pride of Spanish winemakers.The perfectly selected grape variety is processed exclusively by hand, under vigilant control at every stage of the birth of this masterpiece of winemaking.These wines are subject to indispensable tasting, experts must certainly assess each batch of such a product.In France, such wines are called VDQS.Among this class of masterpieces, wines such as Maduresa, El Seque, Makor de Elviwines, Valencia, Alicante and, of course, Utiel-Requena are recognized worldwide.All of these wines are made from the 2003 vintage, which was undoubtedly one of the most successful winemakers in Spain.

Muscatel and Alicantino Fondillon, who have become legendary, are justly recognized as exclusive trade marks.Selected grapes soaked in sunlight, aged in oak barrels for at least eight years, give this masterpiece of winemakers such a rich bouquet, indescribable aroma and sparkling shades that it is simply impossible to describe them.You will feel an indescribable sensation only by tasting these truly unique wines. what online casinos does the captain davo use

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